Write Your Valentine Fairytale

a 7-day On-line Workshop

February 6-February 12, 2016


Instructor: Kelly McClymer

Every Valentine's Day you wish you could show your Valentine how much you care in a unique and unforgettable way.

Now's your chance.

Author Kelly McClymer (Once Upon a Wedding series of Victorian historical romance) thinks every relationship deserves to be immortalized in your own unique fairytale, and she's offering to help you create yours in just one week.

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You gave your heart.

Now give your Valentine the gift of a lifetime.

This workshop is for YOU if...

  • Your Valentine Deserves a Gift as Unique as Cinderella's Glass Slipper

    You know your fairytale is like no other -- doesn't your Valentine deserve that?

  • Your Story Would Make a Fairytale to Rival Beauty and the Beast

    Think about how you first met. When you first knew your relationship was special. Your own fairytale.

  • You Dare Gaze as Deeply Into Your Heart as the Wicked Queen Looked Into Her Mirror

    Think about what obstacles you have had to overcome to be together. Maybe no wicked witches, but still...

  • You Will Work as Hard as the Seven Dwarves to Craft Your Unique Fairytale

    A week is only seven days. Seven days to create your unique fairytale. Isn't your Valentine worth 7 days?

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