EverTwixt "Art is Magic!" Fan Art Contest 2016

Registration: by 11:59 PDT  June 15, 2016

Entry Submission: by 11:59 PDT  June 30, 2016

[The contest deadlines have been extended. See the reasons why here.]

The contest is open to fan artists 18 or older who follow the contest rules and submit art for review as detailed in the Contest Description and Rules.

How do you define "fan artist?"

For the purposes of this contest, "fan artist" will be defined as someone who enjoys creating art for the stories they enjoy reading.

I'm not 18, but I'm a great artist. Why can't I enter?

Those under 18 are not able to enter into a legal contract to license their work without parental consent. To keep matters uncomplicated, this contest is limited to legal adults. However, future contests may be open to those under 18. We just need more time to talk to the lawyers to keep it all legal.

What types of art are acceptable?

You may create your original art  in any medium that is -- or would be if photographed (like sculpture) -- suitable for book covers. Please be aware that it is not acceptable to use an image taken from the web or any source where the copyright does not belong to you. 

May I submit previously completed art?

Yes!  If you have something in your portfolio or that has been submitted to other contests and you believe it reflects Maiden Ash.  As long as it is your original art and meets the requirements and specifications in our Contest Rules & Description, send it along. But do read "Maiden Ash" to double check that it fits.

Will you own my submitted art?

No. Copyright on all submitted art remains with the artist, including the winners. 

By submitting art, you agree to let us use it for the purpose intended.  That is, submitted art that passes the pre-qualification round on Instagram will be displayed in a gallery of submitted art, both on our website and other social media venues, for viewing by the public and our judges.

Grand Prize winning art will be used as an book cover for a short story by Kelly McClymer entitled "Maiden Ash."

After the contest, art will remain online for an extended, indefinite period, for the enjoyment and entertainment of our web visitors.

Can I enter if I haven't registered by 11:59 p.m. PDT on June 15th, 2016?

No. Hashtagged entries on Instagram will be double-checked against the registration list. No one is eligible to win who has not registered by 11:59 p.m. PDT on June 15th, 2016. If you think you may want to enter, go ahead and register now. There's no penalty if you register and don't post a submission on Instagram.

Will my name be listed online?

During the contest, each art piece will be identified online by your Instagram username. 

After the contest, the names of the four top winners will be displayed along with their art. 

What are your criteria for judging?

The primary goal of the contest is to celebrate amateur art that can inspire a story of science or fantasy fiction.  Each submitted art piece will be judged according to the following criteria, in priority order:

  • Ability to evoke the titular character of "Maiden Ash."
  • Creativity in delivering a unique or compelling vision.
  • An image composed in a way that allows for use as the cover of an e-book.
  • Demonstrated artistic and technical skills.
  • Ability to meet the technical requirements of submission.